Where to start?

Often I describe myself as “naturally greedy” as a way of explaining why I cook.  My style of cooking has changed over the years as I became a mum and business owner, needing more good, nutritious and time friendly, family recipes.

I am a converted townie to rugby loving country girl, who is a working mum and business partner with my husband.  We have a ‘His n Hers’ shop – Soar Tackle for coarse fishing and  The Soar Trading Co which covers my side of the bargain.

Transplanted from the Lancashire market town of Chorley to the milder climate of the East Midlands countryside, my love of country life is growing in strength every year.

If you had told my 16 year old self that I would love home cooking & baking, develop a passion for ‘grow your own’ and gardening, be a business owner promoting local and British products, a horse rider and a mother – I would have laughed heartily in your face. But this is my life and recipes & I love it’s imperfections!

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