Back in Action! 31/3/16

Today, Rupert had a visit from his physiotherapist again to check how he was getting on. Thankfully, she confirmed my thoughts: he looked and felt so much better than he did previously.

First, we popped him on the lunge (anybody who knows Rupert knows that this is normally a challenge which results in him galloping around the school looking rather pleased with himself!) to see how his movement looked. Lots of distractions with horses going out and diggers going by, but he was incredibly well behaved, so brownie points go to Rupert!

We took him back up to the yard where Rupert sunbathed and had a massage whilst Maxine worked over his muscles, particularly his left shoulder which is the tightest and causing the problems.

Back down to the school we went to long line him over some poles to encourage him to stretch and reach forward. This was a new experience for us both, but I think we got on okay, and with more practice it’ll only get better.


And my favourite news from this session: I can start collecting him again, get him fitter, pop some little jumps and gradually start getting back to normal!


Charlotte x