Charlotte reviews Verm-X

Until I came to Soar Equestrian, I had never heard of herbal intestinal hygiene, or Verm-X.  However, a herbal product makes so much more sense than a chemical wormer! I don’t want to be dosing my horse with unnecessary chemicals, especially when it’s likely to build up a resistance in the worms to your typical chemical wormer (this is a acknowledged problem we are facing).

Not only is it gently effective for worms, but it’s also good for their general intestinal health due to the herbal qualities (see more at  Verm-X are so confident in their products that each pack includes 2 free faecal egg counts, so you can be just as confident that your horse is worm free.
For encysted red worms and tapeworm, a saliva test or a chemical wormer must still be used at least once a year so they are protected against all types of worms.  However, keep an eye out on the progress being made on this by Westgate Labs.

Rupert loves his Verm-X!

Rupert loves his Verm-X!

Now on to my favourite bit- how easy it is! Gone are the days of fighting to get your horse to take all the wormer from a syringe, it’s now a pleasure to worm your horse! I chose to use the pellets for my horse Rupert because I could ensure that he was getting his full dose of Verm-X (as they can either be fed as a treat or added to their feed, and Rupert makes sure his feed bowl has been polished off!), but there are also other options such as liquid.

Rupert loved Verm-X, and I love how easy and effective it is- it’s safe to say I’m a convert!


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