Re-location, Re-location, Re-location!

Lots has happened since I last checked in!

After a space came up on a livery yard just a 1.5 minute drive from my house (or a 10 minute walk if the weather is nice and I decide that I can be bothered to walk!), we realised it was the right time to move Rupert from his previous yard due to practical reasons.


Anybody who knows me knows I LOVE buying rugs, and as I can go down to see Rupert in the morning because it’s so close, I can change his rugs in the morning. Now, for some people that is completely irrelevant, but there’s something lovely about seeing him wrapped up and cosy in his pyjamas at night and then he can have a lighter rug during the day.

This new yard also has an indoor school (that I swore I’d never need as, since my old yard didn’t have an indoor, I was a tough, hardened rider that would exercise my horse in any conditions). Despite my previous thoughts that I would rarely use this indoor arena, I can conclude that it is a brilliant luxury that I’d struggle to be without now. Because why would we choose to get soaked-through with rain and whipped in the face by the wind when we could be inside? Especially since he needs to be exercised 5/6 days per week to keep his shoulder loose as his muscle became tight again at the start of winter (as it did last year as well) and I’ve been working him through it. I can also conclude that I now count as a fair-weather rider!

Rupert has also had to learn about the big, scary world that is road hacking. There are plenty of lovely, off-road hacks around us, but they all involve at least a short stretch on very quiet roads. He was well-behaved when I took him on the road as an almostĀ 5 year old before I owned him, but that’s as far as his experience spanned. As he gets excited in the company of other horses, I decided to take him on a very short hack up to my house (with the non-horsey parents as back up at home if necessary) at 1pm on a Saturday, working on the idea that it would be quiet- and it was. On the way there. On the way back, however, down our small country roads, we met an arctic lorry. Of all things to meet, it had to be that. Rupert turned into a snorting, fire-breathing dragon and flew past as I attempted to throw an apologetic hand up to the lorry driver. Then, as soon as he was one metre past the lorry, he turned back into a donkey- got to love them keeping you on your toes.

With it being half-term next month, I might be able to take Rupert on a little trip in the trailer to go jumping, which may be eventful!

Charlotte x