Valentines window display

I have had two conversations this week with other Mums, about how we got into our business, and each time it was assumed we came from a retail background – er no!!  We have had to learn double quick on the job, nearly five years later we are still here so we must have learnt something, somewhere (hopefully).

There are still times when I lack inspiration for our window displays, or even lack confidence in my own ability.  This time I was stumped with a Valentines display.  Shoppers expect you to do something, but nothing was feeling right – all just a bit too much.

Thankfully, Peter from Black Acres Soap Pantry popped in with new stock (lovely new candles by the way), the kettle was boiled, the stock was sorted. Then while we hugged our mugs we brain stormed about the window display, and discussed the nuances of running a small business.  By the time he left I was wired on coffee and armed with a plan.

A quick meander round the shop and I had selected some lovely products to display using shades of red through to pink.  A little bit of grouping, matching Chocolate Thingy Me Jigs flavors to scented candles and remembering the height and odd number rules of display, resulted in the window display organically growing.

I know when it is right as passers by will stop to look at the display, gaining their interest in our products and increases our footfall.  Thanks again Pete for the inspiration.  I believe we have done our suppliers products justice and are so pleased to display our wares from local and British businesses.

A bonus is when people come in and say, “We love your window displays.  They always look so nice!” – bingo.




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