Mother’s Day Treat

17553838_1499829613412580_6635011570557394199_nNot sure that the hubby has quite got this Mothering Sunday thing down to a tee yet.  He suggested that we close the shop for the day, the first time ever since the shop opened.  How lovely I thought, I might get a lie in.  No such luck.  At an ungodly hour the alarm went off and Scott was up and out of the house to go fishing. I told him “I Love you, but you are mad to get up at this time – have fun”.


16387287_1177014752418703_4806954421200112916_nThe plan had been to go back to sleep for a few more hours.  It was Leon who had other plans this time.  He had heard the Landy leave and as there was light in the sky, according to little man it was time to get up.  I was going to need a lot of coffee, so thought I would treat myself to an ‘Uncle Pat’s’ coffee, or two (Ok so I overdosed on coffee).  No breakfast in bed for me, there were jobs to do.

We had my mum, my mother in law and grandmother in law coming for lunch, so there was tidying, cleaning and table setting to be done.  Thankfully I had planned ahead.  The menu for the day was Cheese stuffed pasta shells from The Pioneer Woman, homemade tear and share garlic bread, and a green salad, followed by Brownie Cheesecake (a recipe I had spied in Tesco magazine) and raspberries.  All of it, bar the bread, was already prepped as I had started on Friday evening.  Therefore, I spent the morning of Mother’s Day making bread (which I love to do), entertaining the child, preparing the house and drinking lots of coffee.

The husband returned from his morning out just in time for guests arriving and to get the drinks poured.  Have to admit the meal was delish, even if I do say so myself.  Though everybody else did agree as they tucked in, there was clean plates all round, always a good sign.  I forgot to photo the cheesecake – oops.  The meal and conversation was in full flow, just didn’t think to pick my phone up.  We have been eating the cheesecake up for last two nights, it is sooooooooooo good he he he he.

The hubby did redeem himself later.  There were no flowers or chocolates for me, but a new book to read.  Not one I had hinted at, but a carefully chosen one by my boys, all about food and set in Scotland. 10/10 for this one for this one Scott, I am really enjoying it.  The best was yet to come as the following morning had been set aside for me to go riding for the first time in about 12 months. Happy Days


Thank you Scott & Leon, love you both lots.


Tiggi x




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