Loving Lunging

Rupert used to be a nightmare to lunge. He’d walk round in a lovely circle, popped him in to a trot and he went nicely for about 5 strides before he decided it was too difficult and he’d drift through his outside shoulder and gallop off, either leaving me in the middle of the school trying to calm him down before I could try again, or doing a skiing act being dragged along behind him!

It was fair to say I hated lunging and avoided it at all costs.

Until Rupert’s shoulder got so tight he wasn’t moving right, and the physio said he needed to do lots of lunging/long-reining over poles and I had no choice but to try it again.


So when my old yard put in a lunging pen, I thought that he couldn’t gallop off and maybe this was the perfect way to get him to understand the concept of staying on a circle.

Long story short, he now lunges on a circle without pulling away (often!), and I love it.

Whilst attempting to pass my A-Levels, work 2 jobs and have a social life, it’s hard to find time to fit it all in, let alone with a horse on top of that. I have to be extra careful with Rupert’s weight, especially now he’s living out 24/7, meaning that he really can’t afford to have too many days off.
With the Pessoa taking just 2 minutes to pop on (once set up. I’ll admit, trying to organise each rope baffled me to start with!), I can lunge and that’s a quick 20 minutes of exercise to keep the pounds off, whilst the Pessoa encourages him to work correctly.


It’s also nice to be able to watch how he’s moving, as well as giving him something different to do from time-to-time so he doesn’t get bored.jumping on lunge

Although I don’t like to lunge too often, it’s safe to say I’m a lunging convert!

Charlotte x



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