The Ginger Missile Exploded

Due to limited time, I decided to lunge on Wednesday evening.
Whether it was spring fever, the down-pour of rain that was here all day (hence the soggy pony) or just pure excitement I do not know- all I know is that I’m very glad I wasn’t on his back!

He lunged nicely in walk and felt a bit more excited in trot so I asked mum if she could video him when I asked for canter as people don’t always believe that Rupert can be naughty, especially when he’s so laid back on the ground. Poor quality photos but you get the idea!



Fly Kick

Bums Up

Rupert Bucking

I schooled him the day after and (thankfully!!) we kept all 4 feet on the ground!

Charlotte x


Dressage Divas (hopefully)

Anybody who knows me knows I enjoy jumping and dressage really isn’t my thing. Obviously, I can’t jump Rupert every day of the week and to be able to jump well, flatwork is an essential.

I’ve recently gone back to having fortnightly lessons after not having lessons for over a year, and I alternate each lesson between jumping and flatwork. Since Kath has forced persuaded me to have a go at a dressage competition down at Long Lane Equestrian at the end of the series, I really need to step it up a level if I don’t want to embarrass ourselves!

I think Emma, my instructor, probably cried internally when I asked for a flatwork lesson and she saw what she had to work with! She has, however, seemed to work miracles as we’ve only had 2 flatwork lessons (and practice in between) so far and already he’s working a lot rounder and his lateral work (which I’d kind of abandoned since Rupert always got tense and galloped off when I asked for any kind of lateral movement) is slowly improving, with his leg yield and turn-on-the forehand getting better, as well as rein back.

I doubt I’ll ever prefer dressage to jumping, but flatwork is much more interesting and pleasurable now Rupert isn’t fighting me all the time.
If you see me down at Long Lane at some point with a chunky ginger horse, feel free to come and laugh at us!

Charlotte x

The Ginger Missile

Somebody was feeling a bit fresh and excited to jump!

Long stride

Rather strong and I was just a passenger! 

He started the session off by being forward (as usual) but sensible. He was finding the jumps too easy so I decided to put fillers underneath the fences and all of a sudden, he turned into a very excited ginger missile!

Filler Upright

Happy Rupert

He’s definitely enjoying his jumping!

Rupert overjump

He also decided to grow wings 

Even though he was incredibly strong and forward, making him much more difficult to ride, we both had a very positive and rewarding session. I think it might be time to start challenging him a bit more and taking him out to some competitions when I can.

Charlotte x