Happy Father’s Day Stick Float

Yesterday saw the Husband (aka Stick Float) very busy in the shop as the river season had started.  Meanwhile, I took Leon to a lovely birthday party and did the usual Saturday jobs.  The result of which meant that we hadn’t seen each other all day, on top of what had already been a busy week.  As Stick Float was going off to finish marking the pegs for today’s match on the River Soar, Little Man and I decided to join him for the evening along the bank.

It soon turned out that I had made a rookies error in wearing inappropriate footwear.


Oops not great for rambling along the river bank in

However, lagging behind father & son allowed me to watch and capture them together.


Like Father, like son spotting the fish jumping

It was worth the scrambling, slipping and grass stuck in feet as the River Soar was beautiful last night.


Stick Float and Little man are fishing today in a competition, a bit of Daddy & son time. I made the mistake again of wrong footwear to drop off Little Man’s forgotten boots.


Will I never learn?!


I hope they have a great day together, love this pair so much.  Grabbing moments like this are what it is all about.

Tiggi x


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