Rempstone Show 2017 Report

Well that’s Rempstone Steam and Country Show done for another year!

Much better weather than the torrential rain we had last year that left us with rivers running through the marquee and mud seeping from underneath the carpet. Although, the heat often meant you’d find us sitting on the floor right in front of the fan!

We had a brilliant year with a record number of visitors on the Saturday, especially with some beautiful canine visitors (and the odd parrot). The child dragged me over to watch the motorbike display and then Charlotte over to watch the Punjab Lancers. The child then dragged the (much appreciated, last-minute) baby-sitter, Jack, around the show, pulling his arm to go on the fairground rides and coming back with an arm-full of toys, clearly having had multiple attempts on the Hook-a-duck.

Punjab Lancers.jpg

Charlotte managed to excel in stupid comments and moments over the show, with my favourites being “de-warm” instead of ‘cool down’ and asking “will the sunglasses be okay in the sun?” and very VERY promptly realising what she’d just said. Despite this, she swears she’s actually intelligent and got AAAB at AS Levels! On the first day of the show, I thought I was going to die in a portaloo as the rumbles of a bloody big Arctic lorry got closer and closer, but that’s another story.

Punjab Lancers 3

Stupid moments aside, we had a very successful Rempstone Show this year, and thank you to all of you who visited us there. Roll on Long Lane Equestrian Show and Sutton Bonington Show!

Punjab Lancers 2



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