Rupert the Chestnut Horse

Meet Rupert
This is Rupert, my 6 year old Irish Cross anything and everything! I started riding him for his then-owner when he was 4 as he was slightly quirky (my bum only touched the saddle for about 2 seconds until I hit the ground when I first attemptedĀ to ride him!). The plan was always for him to be sold on, but my parents are not horsey in the slightest and I’m allergic to the equine variety. Long story short, I ended up owning Rupert and I’m forever grateful to my parents (and their bank).


He wasn’t your typical first horse as he would take breathing as a cue for galloping like a lunatic around the school, and heaven forbid your leg touched his side! He taught me that my heels must always be down- you never know when a bird might fly away!- and that even if he was set up perfectly to a fence, it was still perfectly reasonable for him to say “no” and gallop the other way.jumping-1-25m
We’re finally starting to make some progress, even if he does forget how to be a horse sometimes!

After a year of lots of hard work, patience and bruises, we’re back to walking and trotting as his muscles in his shoulder have become so stiff that he trots unevenly and looks lame. The physio has visited to treat him, and it’s now just a case of a slow, gradual build up to work to help his muscles loosen again.

This was all fine, until Rupert decided to spice things up by playing rodeo horse on Monday! So it’s back to square 1 with him- onward and upwards!

Charlotte x


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